Join the community and help many people to achieve a sustainable and healty life style.



But you to find out more details about how to work with us below and if you want send your application and CV we'll be intouch as soon as we start hiring.    

Greencircleshop.com is a new business with good aims and purposes, we are not perfect but our intentions are true and we work hard to bring something useful to the community and to the environment.


We are always looking for Ethical people and sustainable businesses! If you are a product makers, retailers, stockists or a professionals offerring products or services fallng into one or more of our Ethical Departments than we want to hear from you.

Join us today and advertise your products for FREE in front of million of potential buyers. 

We offer to businesses a fully mobile friendly platform where advertise and sell sustainable products and ethicaly made items.

Manage your store and orders on the go, update company details, add new products and see your recent profits and transactions! The simple friendly and super intuitive administration panel lets you do everything with a simple touch. 



If there is any new feature that you would like to see in the feature here on our Marketplace or if you are just experiencing issue and want to report a bug, please don’t esitate to contact the support team on the contact page and we will do our best to address your needs and we'll add it to the development plan.


Greencircleshop.com has been shaped around people to give the ability to writers and pofessionals to add their own creations, provide advice and build a professional detailed shop page whith anything you need.

If you wrote a book, a cook book or made a documentry we've got you covered too, You can sell virtual or downloadable products here! find out more on the Marketplace page

We are open to everyone who share our values, we aim to grow the community of green friendly people, environmentally aware folks that act for the Planet and People wellness first. If you have something to say and want to write an article for our blog we will be happy to support you and get it posted on our blog and social networks. Get in touch in touch with us.   

Green Circleshop.com affiliate programme pays a commission for spreading our message, sharing our vision and promoting our website, products and to support the Green Circleshop vendors.

We pay between 5% and 20% commission on all sales you refer to us.

You can resell our products on your blog, website or public profile that you have,
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Be testimonial of the Green Circleshop community, it lets you earn points that will turn in cash voucers that you can redeem once ou reach a certain amount of points. You will be notified to redeem your prize and get a unique coupon code to get money saving in your cart. Review a product.