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You only pay 5% on sales you make

Why sell on is the latest Buy and Sell marketplace designed for Ethical Consumers. Help the fastest growing community of environmentally aware people to find your business and your stainable products! Advertise your products for FREE!

There’s never been a better time to start selling green friendly procuts and if you are already doing so, on any popular marketplaces website like ebay or amazon, on you can save lots of fees. When you actually sell your products you only pay 5% fee. That's it.

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I'm a Private seller, what about HMRC?

If you are trading online you'll need to register for Self Assessment with HM Revenue & Customs, as you may need to pay tax on the items or services you buy and sell. To help you decide if you are trading online and to find details of a wide range help and support designed to help you understand your tax, visit: HMRC

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We offer a simple order process, secure payent gateway, mobile shopping experience and a customer contact always on hand, available by chat, phone, skype, email, social networks - with pre and post sale customer assistance that is available almost continuously.

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What features are available now?

  • eCommerce online shop available 24/7
  • Analytical Dashboard: to provide a complete statistical view for one place visualization.
  • Specific Shop-Urls: for a dedicated and separate shop page of every vendor.
  • Easy Management: for convenient handling of products, orders and transactions.
  • Refund Feature: to easily debit amount from vendor’s account.
  • Multi-Lingual Support: to display the vendor panel and shop pages in multiple languages.
  • Detailed Company profile with support information and social media channels for customers
  • Upfront payments on order confirmation
  • Full customers assistance pre/post sales
  • Chat assistance 16h daily
  • Email assistance 24h
  • Phone assistance post-sale
  • Exposure to the Ethical consumers market
  • Partners page for Sustainable brands.
  • Store promotions, newsletters and campaigns
  • Offline Payments methods
  • And much more..

You only pay a 5% fee to us when you sell an item on greencircleshop,com.
That's it! so with the money saved from ebay and amazon fees you may consider to run some special offers to the Ethical comminity!

What do I get?

#Powerful Control Panel

Features, Orders, Products, Transactions Management and much more

Dashboard Features

The dashboard of your vendor panel covers any recent activity of your store.
It's a single page summary of the entire vendor panel, developed to help you to stay on top of your store activities.

Easily look at the number of the orders placed, products created, pending products, approved products and disapproved products.

The total of all your products sold and pending amounts will be shown here plus a friendly sales analytics page with a catchy map showing country wise orders and recently placed orders.

The vendor dashboard keeps you updated about your shop’s current status and lets you quickly review your latest activities divided graphically by day, week, month and year to analyze sales and the country from where the orders have been placed.

Shop and Brand/Partner Pages

As member you will have a specific shop page that lists all your products, with a Public Name chosen by you ie: "My awesome shop" displayed on the shop front page alongwith the details that you entered at the time profile creation.

These details include vendor’s name, company address, twitter and facebook url, contact details, payment methods etc.

We will assign you a uniqe shop-url that you can chose during the registration and it will be unique as every vendor has a separate shop page

Selected brands and partners will also get a dedicated page in the Green Partners section with some additional content and customers stories posts directly managed and maintained by our stuff members.

Orders, Products and Transactions

Easly manage all your products, orders and transactions from your vendor panel, quickly add a new product or edit/delete an existing item.

View all the orders received and get ready for dispatch, check the transactions done and review the amount received.

Every vendor will be able to setup form the settings panel an offline payment mode through which he wishes to receive payments.

The payment methods activated by the vendor will only be visible to the administration for transaction processing and not to customers.

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Intended Audience

Designed for ethical oriented company, making products related with our company's key categories.
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Terms and Conditions

Your legal rights and all the boring stuff that you should be aware.

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