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You only pay 5% on sales you make

How to Sell online on GreenCircleShop?

Sell online on is easy and effective. An ethical alternative way to reach the most growing community of ethical consumers. Designed for sustainable companies and products provides you the free tools to sell succesfully on line, it doesn't matter if it's a little or a lot.

Sell on is a quick 5 step process. You can find out more about the benefits and features here.

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You only pay 5% on sales you make

Create a Vendor Account

What you need
  • Your Company Details
  • Phone number
  • Primary contact person info
  • Your Bank Account Details
  • Paypal details (optional)

Upload your Products

Now that you are registered you can use our the "New Product" tab in your seller dashboard to add an item. You can sell pretty much anything on that is related to one of departments. your products must show ethical and sustainable value to be approved. When listing your products use a descriptive title and relevant words to describe your item. Description and images - tell the buyer all relevant details about what you're selling. Take lots of photos. Provide competitive prices and postage costs details for the buyer. Click "Save " and your item is on That’s it. We suggest you to take advantage of the SEO features to improve your product performance and visibility

Sell and Promotion

Customers find and buy your products on You can reach the most growing community of ethical consumers and environmentally aware people every day. More over if you become a Green partner your listing will benefit the most. 

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Deliver products to the Customer

When an order has been placed for one of your products, notifies you via email as well as in your Vendor Dashboard. Deliver products to the customer in efficient and quick way is very important but it’s also fundamental that you use recycled boxes and respect the environment.

Receive your payment

Payment for the balance of your orders (net of fees) is deposited in your bank account and you receive a notification by email that your payment has been sent.

You can also choose to receive payments via paypal in your profile settings, but additional 4.5% fees will be applied by the service provider. 

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Our Free platform is designed to connect environmentally aware customersto ethical companies and grow together a respectful community. it's FREE, Try it!

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You only pay 5% on sales you make